Cayman rugby pitch vandalized

The Cayman Rugby Union pitch was vandalized and heavily damaged on Saturday night between the hours of 9pm and 6am, says national coach and technical director Richard Adams.

A car or cars were driven on to the field where they then ‘spun out’ several times cuasing considerable damage. No witnesses have come forward.

This, of course, follows in the wake of the damage caused from Hurricane Ivan. The union had to spend some $48,000 on uninsurable repairs which they did and the pitch had just about recovered 14 months on, explained Adams. Now, with this the recovery has been set back months.

Adams says he is deeply saddened by this act of vandalism.

‘It could not have come at a worse time,’ he said. ‘I have 2,400 children from George Hicks and John Gray scheduled to start playing rugby here this week. That will have to go on hold now. We will have to assess the damage to see how much usage the field can take while it is repaired yet again. It also may mean the junior Saturday morning programs have to be postponed for a while as well as the senior schedule.

‘The other great disappointment is the fact that we have already had to spend some $48,000 on uninsured losses to the pitch and this was money that was earmarked for in-school development. Now we are again going to have to dip into these funds in order to repair the damage that has been done as well as completely fence the pitch to protect this asset, as this is the third time this has happened in the last three years and this time by far the worst.

‘I feel badly for all those people who will now miss the rugby programs they so enjoy, for all the school children who have been looking forward to coming here for their PE lessons and for the families who enjoy just being here watching. Hopefully in the next six weeks or so we can get back to normal.’

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