Bodden Town park needs tennis courts

I write an a private citizen and as a resident of the District of Bodden Town in regards to the proposed new and final public park to be located in the Bodden Town District.

Firstly I wish to publicly thank that Dart Foundation and, by extension, the Dart Family for their long-term commitment and partnership with the Cayman community via their provision of district public parks. No one can argue that the parks – provided via the joint partnership between Government and the Dart Foundation – have not been well used and are most timely. Indeed I would say that these public parks play a most vital role in nation building as they serve to bring neighbours and friends and Island residents together via various district functions and planned events.

My letter to the editor is thus full of praise for the past district public parks already provided and to make an appeal that the proposed Bodden Park include public tennis courts as part of the final design.

Public tennis courts will allow the great game of tennis to be enjoyed by the general public. Yes, I know some will say there are sufficient tennis courts already on the Island. And others will say that the Cayman Islands Tennis Club has eight excellent tennis courts in South Sound. I would agree. In fact, I am a long-standing member of the Tennis Club in South Sound. But unless you can pay $250 per year in annual fees and at least $200 per month in court fees you would soon be a member not in good standing and would be unable to continue playing.

I therefore, am appealing to the Government and the Dart Foundation to consider making at least two public tennis courts available in their final district park in my home district of Bodden Town.

Not only will it be proven that the courts will be respected by all of the Bodden Town community but I am certain that they will be well cared for and respected by all who use them. In the end, the Bodden Town Dart Foundation-sponsored park could be known in years to come as a training ground of many Caymanian tennis champions.

I also make this promise: Not only would I use the tennis courts, but would ensure that I make time available to train any Bodden Town junior who is interested in the great game of tennis.

George R. Ebanks

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