Cinema owners should listen

In response to M. Scott’s Letter on Friday, 2 September, he/she mentions that ‘these Islands are moving forward, not backwards,’ which indeed they are.

However, with regards to the Cinema, I believe that they are actually moving backwards.

When movie theatres were first introduced and films were first being made, there were intermissions yes, but this was due to the technicians having to change the film reels.

However, with modern technology, most films are now produced onto one reel, this therefore eliminating the need for intermissions. I see this as the Cinema moving backwards, not forwards.

He/she also mentions the when watching DVDs ‘she is sometimes interrupted by family members, or by the telephone..’ yes these are interruptions, but with regards to a DVD or video, we now have the ability to press the pause or rewind button on our remote controls, which therefore means that we do not miss any of the film.

Films are not made nowadays to have breaks in the middle of them.

The reels the cinemas get can not be rewound and should not be paused because when they are replayed, they do not start at the same point in which they were paused at.

I went to the cinema to watch a film. I then watched the same film in the states with a friend. I noticed that there was roughly 5-10 minutes of the film missing in the Cayman cinema viewing.

A friend of mine went to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith and mentioned that they didn’t even stop the film when a scene changed, they stopped it mid sentence.

It is frustrating enough when you go to the cinema that it takes people about 10 minutes to get settled in their seats, but even more so when there is an interruption half way through the movie (and in some cases when the plot is just getting good) and we have to try and block out the noise of people coming back to their seats talking and blocking your view.

I don’t know if M. Scott has taken a poll to see how many are for and how many are against the intermission, I can only assume he/she has, as he/she mentions that we, who are against it, are a minority. I however disagree.

I believe that when asked, most people would be opposed to it, but that is just an assumption.

With regards to the price of the cinema ticket, I have no problem with the increase up to $10.

As long as I can remember the cost has been $8 and I am surprised it didn’t go up sooner.

When told the cinema was raising its prices, I was expecting it be around the $15 region so I am quite glad it is only $10.

I do have to say that they are the monopoly for now and can do what they like regardless of what people feel.

However they should heed to the requests and suggestions of their patrons now, because when the new cinema opens up (whether it be next year or the year after that) if they aren’t pleasing their customers, they will lose them.

Name withheld by request

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