Crime everyone’s business

Are you tired of crime? Evidently, some of us aren’t because we still tolerate it.

Where are the criminals? They don’t just disappear, do they? Look around: they are everywhere, being protected by their relatives and friends.

It’s been suggested that no true Caymanian is going to report a relative or friend that they know is out stealing other people’s property. Maybe they don’t realize that by protecting a criminal, they could go to jail as well.

Think about this: if that criminal is not stopped now, he or she will probably live a lifetime of crime, in and out of jail while our country sinks deeper and deeper into the quagmire of a crime-ridden nation.

This is for you – brother, father, mother and friend. Stop now and think. Do you want to be responsible for the total destruction of your relative or friend? Or your country?

Call Crime Stoppers now – 1-800-TIPS – and put a stop to it.

Name withheld by request

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