Price gouging appalling

Like many others, I am still in the process of restoring my home after Hurricane Ivan wreaked havoc on it last year. After shopping for materials at the various home improvement story recently, I made a discovery which truly appalled me and compelled me to share my thoughts with other Cayman homeowners.

In July 2004 I purchased a Window/Door Protection Kit to facilitate the easy installation of plywood sheets to my windows in the event of a hurricane. This kit cost $8.55 at one of our local home improvement stores and it proved to be money well spent when Ivan arrived on our shores.

At the same store this year, the kit cost $25. Fair enough. Costs have escalated since Ivan. It is a hot commodity and retailers are in business to make money after all.

Recently, however, I was shocked to discover the exact same product at another home improvement store for $72.60. I even asked the cashier to scan the item as I honestly thought it had been incorrectly priced.

I find it truly disgraceful that a local retailer can unwittingly exploit honourable Cayman residents who are trying to protect their families by securing their properties with this product, especially when we are continually encouraged to shop locally rather than overseas.

I have shopped at this store for many years and have probably contributed thousands of dollars to its revenue.

However, I am one customer who will never cross that threshold again.

A. Williams

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