HSA must be accountable

Please allow me space in your valuable publication to express a few thoughts on what is happening in our Islands regarding government departments.

We note that affordable housing is under the former Minister, Dr. Frank McField. A forensic investigation has been ordered and is foregoing. But before its completion we get the unbelievable report on the Health Authority – no up-to-date records for two years and no balance sheets, among others.

But so far we haven’t heard of any investigation being proposed on that department – the most important department of all, the one that concerns every living soul on the land.

As a citizen of these Islands, I believe the word transparent should apply to one and all justice must appear to be done. No one should be exempted except those considered not responsible by the law.

I further believe to whom much is given, to whom much is expected and all those who abused or mismanaged the country’s affairs should be made to give an account of their stewardship and no one must be used as a scapegoat.

My prayer is that His Excellency will act to make it plain what the word ‘governor’ means.

Rupert D. Ebanks

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