Fond memories of Mr. Foster

Reading your online newspaper is a must for me, as Cayman is my ‘second home.

No, I don’t live there part time, but I have spent much time in your paradise from seven years old to date.

I read the article about the 21st swim activity in memory of the late David Foster.

Just a personal foot note on David…I had known him since he was the bar manager at the Beach Club back in the late 60s and we became life long friends.

Chi Chi, was his girlfriend back then, and of course, became his wife.

As a kid of 12, I stayed with them and I stayed other times as the years, and travel permitted. (I must stress that Caymanians have always been ultra hospitable).

I remember John Michael as a newborn crying his eyes out as I slept just across from his crib on an occasion that I stayed there. My regret is that I never got to know the kids as they grew up. I was doing some growing also.

My memories are extremely fond and of great respect to both David and Chi Chi Foster, not just for being wonderful hosts, but as givers throughout their lives to their community as well.

David was a friend to my family (The Veselys) and I for one, will always treasure his friendship, and his great giving heart.

I’m glad to see that Woody is following in his footsteps.

I enjoy your online newspaper, as it keeps me in touch with my island paradise.

Sean Vesely

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