More on cinema breaks

I have to add my own two cents to the ongoing cinema intermission saga. Whilst I agree with M. Scott that the new owners of the cinema must have travelled…in fact they don’t even live here, the cinema is only managed locally, any profits go to Jamaica, not to Cayman…and good business people will do their research before opening or changing a business, but they must not have travelled to cinemas in the US, Italy, Czech Republic or the UK and Ireland (I only mention these countries, because these are the only ones in which I have attended cinemas), I have NEVER been subjected to an intermission during a film in any of these countries.

I am not a person opposed to change, I am however an avid film lover, and I mean a lover of the entire process of film and the magic it creates. The quality of film and acting is declining, so it already makes it harder to feel that magic that cinema used to create when a film would draw you in and make you a part of what was happening on the screen. As if cell phones and loud conversation were enough to contend with after paying $8 (which I gladly gave up weekly to attend the cinema, regardless of what was showing), but now to break that enchantment and plonk a break in the middle of a film!

Not on my dollar! M. Scott, yes I will buy my popcorn and hot dogs (if I ate them) at the grocery store…for a fraction of the cost I would pay (again formerly gladly) at the cinema, but if I didn’t want to be disturbed because it was a film I really wanted to see, then I would hole up in my room with the phone off the hook…but it’s not the same as going out to the movies.

To clarify a point someone else made, that there are intermissions in live theatre, there are also programs in live theatre telling you where to expect an intermission, and the purpose of these intermissions is not to force the audience to go to the bar (although that is a beneficial result), it’s to give the actors a break. Movie actors don’t need a break in the middle of a completed film, their work is done.

And just in case anyone was wondering, the owners are not planning to forgo the intermission any time soon, so for those fellow film lovers – I guess it’s saving up for Miami for our passion then, and there’s one less enjoyable activity in Cayman.

Name withheld by request

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