Cinemas aren’t theatres

People keep on comparing Broadway and West End shows to the cinema.

Stage productions are written in two, sometimes three acts, therefore giving the opportunity to have an interval. It gives the actors a chance to change costumes, re-apply make-up, have a drink and cool down (are you aware how hot it is up on stage with those stage lights).

It also gives the stage hands a chance to change the set if necessary.

In some theatres, food and drink are not permitted in the auditorium therefore the audience has a chance to get a drink if needed.

Films on the other hand are written and shot as a whole.

People are permitted to take food and drink in there with them, so why not stock up on food and drink before hand.

I am a smoker myself so I feel I can say this. If someone can’t sit through a two hour period without needing to have a cigarette, they shouldn’t go to the cinema in the first place, or they need help.

I know that the managers at the cinema were trying to do an innovative thing by having and interval, but please take it away, it just isn’t working.

Name withheld by request

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