Reaping what you sow

The Cayman Islands is not undergoing an increase in crime.

What is happening is a reduction in crime.

Our new government is identifying the real criminals; those people who are the cause of why crimes are committed.

Here are some of my observations:

The common thread between the home and schools and the legal system is their ability to enforce their authority and maintain discipline. The legal system is the final barrier to criminal activity.

The first is in the home and next, the schools. The legal system as authority and power; no one dares to go against the commands of a judge if he decides to have you locked away for years.

Many would not reach the judge if parents had the authority to enforce discipline at home. How can parents train their children properly if they cannot spank or confine them to their rooms or set times when they are to be at home?

Of course there are some who use too much force and we call that abuse, but what about the future effects when that same child can be shot, hung or sodomized in prison?

There are some who abuse their positions of authority – both parents, teachers, police and judges – but as no army can function properly without discipline, neither can a home.

Another problem is, who has the final authority? The judge controls the court, the chief controls the police, and the owner controls his business. The accepted norm is for the man to have the final authority. The judge consults with the lawyers, the chief with his senior officers, the business owner with his manager or board, the husband with his wife and children, maybe even his mother-in-law, but on him rests the responsibility for making the final decision.

Another key to stop the breeding of criminals is example. Teachers should have a certain dress code and more so, a good moral code, no matter how many letters they can write after their name. A good teacher is not necessarily one who has an MA, BA and such, but one who can earn the respect and admiration of his students and assist them in bringing to the surface the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that they all have within them.

There are many students who are better teachers than some of the highly qualified people to who we entrust our children.

Moral values are also of prime importance. We are a nation where the majority subscribes to the morals taught in the Bible.

It does not take a genius to see that the children who are taken, sent or even forced to attend church or taught the Christian way in school and home are less likely to become criminals.

On the other hand, we only have to look at the great decline in morals, increase in crime and illiteracy in public schools in the USA over the last 40-plus years since a minority had the Bible taken out of public schools.

Democracy can work only if it is truly the decision of the majority, not the corrupt selfish desires of a few.

The final birthplace for criminals is the business world.

With the cost of living always on the increase, the new directive seems to be hire a Caymanian only if you have searched the world first to find someone who can do the job for a lot less – or no one in your hometown wants it – give the better paying jobs to your friends or family and hide the extra benefits such as free housing or bonuses.

Many of us see daily foreign nationals training their own countrymen on the job.

A lot are even being trained by born or status Caymanians. Even the churches with mostly foreign pastors, give letters or assistance to members of their groups.

What has happened to the Bible doctrine? Let the children first be filled. If your business cannot survive if you pay a fair wage, get out of it, or be prepared to have it vandalized or burgled.

In shorts, what you do is going to return to you, good or bad. So what you have now is keeping of the balance. Many criminals are being taken out no matter if you are a lawyer, preacher or con artist. This will be done by the wicked that are made for the day of destruction or the events such as Ivan.

The only protection is having love, being unselfish and in keeping the faith without fear.

Clive Christian

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