Expect post delays

The United States Postal Service has advised post offices worldwide that its Miami airport facility has suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma, causing disruption to mail normally destined for or routed through that point. Citizens and businesses in the Cayman Islands should therefore expect delivery delays in outgoing mail over the next two weeks.

In the interim, all mail for the United States, as well as for the Caribbean, Asia and Africa is being rerouted to the New York postal exchange for processing. Items being sent by Express Mail Service, however, continue to be received at the Miami postal exchange.

There is still no delivery service for the following areas in:


Zip codes beginning with 701 and 706 as well as the following 700 zip codes: 70038, 70040, 70041, 70043, 70050, 70075, 70082, 70083, 70085, 70091 and 70092.


Zip Code 77614

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