Sunday music considered

Cabinet is considering allowing music on Sundays for special events, such as weddings, and those important for the growth of tourism.

Under current law music and dancing are prohibited in licensed premises in the Cayman Islands on Sunday, a day of worship.

Speaking at the Cabinet’s media press briefing on Friday, Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford said the subject is being discussed at Cabinet level.

He also confirmed that the Department of Tourism has been in consultation with travel agents and there have been no negative fallouts for the Cayman Islands following Hurricane Wilma’s brush past us.

Some properties have been reporting cancellations, but these are mostly because of disrupted travel plans to get here. Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports were put out of operation for a few days and some flights also had to be cancelled because of bad weather. Some Cayman Airways’ flights on the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Havana routes were disrupted.

Mr. Clifford also said that any negative impacts that were brought about by Hurricane Wilma here had been offset by gains it could see due to the negative effects it had on other regional tourist destinations.

The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association was not aware of any negative impacts brought about by Hurricane Wilma on the cruise industry, he said.

Mr. Clifford noted that there will be some additional calls this November and December but they were being scheduled for the most part on days when there is three or fewer cruise ships scheduled.

He added that some cruise passengers are to be directed to two new sites, one at the old Almond Tree/Tree House location, and another at an undisclosed location.

Mr. Clifford noted that no damage had been caused to the Cayman Turtle Farm or Pedro St. James tourist sites following Wilma. However, the Turtle Farm’s new car park was damaged and Pedro St. James is still out of commission since Hurricane Ivan.

The Department of Tourism’s office in Miami, however, did get damaged, and suffered from lack of power in the aftermath. The staff spent some days working from home and reported to the New York office.

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