East End day a go

Inclement weather did not stop East Enders from showing off their heritage collection on Tuesday.

Josie Solomon

A huge array of antiques and artefacts focusing on the heritage of the Cayman people were on display at East End District Day Tuesday. Arts and crafts designs such as this exquisite family made from thatch and Ms Josie Solomon demonstrating the making of the patchwork quilt were also part of the day. Visitors also enjoyed home cooked foods. Photo Jewel Levy

On display were old-time sewing machines, grinding stones, mortars, tools, slates, irons, carvings, books, lamps, teapots, scales, water jugs, arts and crafts and so much more.

With the theme ‘forget what Ivan did and what he took away and enjoy the heritage left behind,’ visitors from across the island browsed the displays and heard memorable stories of yesteryear from seniors in the district.

Although famous for heavy cake sales during district days, pickings were slim of this tasty dish for visitors seeking the sweet treat. Home-cooked dishes such as stew turtle, conch and lobster were also on sale.

The family day also involved demonstrations of the old-time grinding stone, plaiting hats and baskets, a visit by Seattle Seafaring Pirates, fun activities for the children and talks by Boatswain’s Beach staff about forthcoming attractions in West Bay.

Because of the weather, some of the activities planned for the evening did not take place but visitors enjoyed dancing under the stars later on in the night.

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