Americo in up and down week

The Americo Life Insurance Chuggers had a mixed bag of results over the last nine days, winning one game, losing one game and having another rained out.

Things started well with a 32-16 pounding of Ernst & Young, in a game that wasn’t as close as the score indicates.

The Chuggers chugged to a 25-2 lead in the fourth inning, batting around in the first and third, before making wholesale substitu-tions and coasting the rest of the way.

Americo tried a new defensive alignment in the game, allowing Dooley Anderson to play third base half the game.

‘I was a third baseman,’ he told Coach Alan Markoff before the game.

It was only after Anderson made three errors that Markoff realised Anderson had been speaking in past tense.

‘He said third base is his home, but he should be required to obtain a visa to visit there, because he’s dangerous,’ said Coach Markoff.

The Chuggers’ girls were on fire during the game, with Emily Schutt going 4 for 5 with a triple, Rachel Smyth adding two hits including a triple, and Mal Awe scoring two runs.

All the scoring was diffi-cult to keep track of for Americo catcher Laine Smyth.

‘What’s the score?’ she asked often.

’27-10,’ responded Coach Markoff.

‘That means we’re up by…?’ Smyth asked.

Next up for Americo was its old nemesis Otis Air Conditioning, who have beaten the Chuggers’ squad three out of four times over the past three seasons.

It was Americo Bat Day at the Field of Dreams, but the cargo ship could not dock due to Hurricane Wilma’s passing, so the softball bats didn’t arrive in time.

In the spirit of Halloween, fans were given live bats instead.

Americo third baseman Mark Wallace said the bats made him bat badly in the early going.

‘I’m all for these wacky promotions, but the bat guano and all those bats hanging from the top of the dugout were a distraction,’ he said.

The Chuggers dug themselves an early hole in the game, trailing 11-3 after two innings.

‘We’re just not a Sun-day, 10am type of team,’ said Coach Markoff. ‘We would have been much better off if the game had started at noon.’

First baseman J.B. Lov-inggood took offence to playing on the Sabbath and put a new spin on the John Foggerty song Centerfield. ‘Take me out coach, I’m ready to pray,’ he said. The Chuggers came back to make a game of it, eventually falling 13-11.

‘If we’d only been playing nine innings, we would have caught them,’ said Coach Markoff.

Tuesday’s game against Fortis, billed as J.B. Lovinggood poster night, was rained out.

When the game is made up, the first 300 fans will receive autographed posters depicting a tank-topped clad Lovinggood fishing for mullet from a row boat on the Suwannee River.

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