Extreme bodies on display

Shield your eyes mere mortals, muscle mayhem is set to explode this Saturday at the Lions Center.

Sanctioned and organized by the Cayman Islands Natural Bodybuilding Association, the ‘Bodybuilding Extreme Championships’ will be a spectacular event, promise organisers. Aproximately 20 competitors will compete in male and female open divisions, a men’s novice division, and a women’s figure division.

‘We expect to see a high level of competition due to the fact that the athletes are competing at the WNBF Pro/AM World Championships in New York City the following weekend,’ said Susan Wilson, one of the event’s lead organisers. ‘The athletes are well aware of the high level of competition they will be facing at the Worlds have therefore prepared themselves to be at their own personal best.’

Wison believes local contests are vital to keep Caymanian athletes training hard and digging deep. Her association’s emphasis on natural bodybuilding is also a positivive influence on sports.

‘Without regular competition, the athletes have no tangible goals to strive for. Championships not only serve as motivation for the athletes who are already dedicated to the sport but serve to inspire others who are searching for a way to live a more healthy lifestyle. Another important aspect is the fact that when the success of natural bodybuilders is highlighted, we can help to dispel the myth that the only way to be a successful bodybuilder is through the use of drugs.’

Wilson says natural bodybuilding offers an extreme challenge.

‘It’s more intense than it is for an athlete who is not natural,’ she said. ‘Because of the fact that natural bodybuilders do not, and cannot, rely on anabolic steroids, growth hormones or other banned substances. They have to pay more attention to the details of their training and diet than other athletes who resort to those methods of preparation. The sport of natural bodybuilding is all about training and diet, with a huge amount of perseverance and dedication thrown in.

‘To quote Cayman’s own WNBF champion Tiger Wilson: ‘To be a successful natural bodybuilder I live and breathe the sport 365 days per year’.’

In addition to the big battle for trophies, there will be guest posing by Cayman pros and a powerlifting demonstration.

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