Today’s Editorial November 04:Speak up, help gov’t

Caymanians, it’s time to make your voices heard.

Our Government leaders are discussing allowing music and dancing at special occasions and events important to the growth of tourism.

And they should be discussing this measure.

Is it time to give up a long-standing tradition of keeping Sundays quiet?

Or is it the duty of Caymanians to make sure those long-standing traditions remain in place?

The choice is yours, but you have to let your elected representatives know where you stand.

It is understandable that this issue has come to the forefront. After all, tourism is a major economic tool in this country.

Still, the cry has become louder and louder from Caymanians who firmly believe that this country’s heritage and culture are being whittled away in an effort to keep up with modern society.

We recently heard former Governor Bruce Dinwiddy say that future governors won’t have to don traditional ceremonial dress while attending formal functions. Instead, they’ll wear a business suit.

Mr. Dinwiddy said the decision was made by the Caymanian people. We don’t recall a vote being taken on this decision or a request for public input.

There was heated debate before the election about allowing retailers to open their shops on Sunday.

While no decision has been made, we thoroughly believe that those elected to run our country closely monitored that debate and will do so in the future if they are required to make a decision.

Elected officials have a monumental task before them.

They can only make good, sound decisions in issues like Sunday sales and Sunday dancing after collecting and collating information received from the people who elected them.

Whether you agree that music and dancing should be allowed on Sundays, you have to make your voice heard.

The Cayman Islands is considered to be a democracy. As such, the voice of each member of that society is worthy of note.

In the end, lawmakers will have to perform the unenviable task of balancing the need of Sunday music and dancing with the wishes of the populace.

But they can’t make that decision without input.

Make your voice heard.

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