Visitor wins contest

The Digicel Pirates Week Treasure Hunt continues to take Cayman by storm as people have begun to devise plans to become the next lucky winner.

Sharon Basil a visitor from Cape Coral, Florida took her chance at unscrambling the Tuesday riddle, ‘The prize at a historic spot where many ships once ran aground.’ To her surprise, she quickly identified the answer and hurried to the location to begin her search. Within minutes she discovered the treasure and couldn’t wait to claim her prize.

The answer to the riddle was the Wreck of the Ten Sail, and the prize was hidden at the wreck marker in the district of East End. Each day, the hidden prize will be located in the district holding its Heritage Day on that day.

Mrs. Basil has been visiting the Cayman Islands for many years, and always makes a special trip at this time of the year to join in the festivities of Pirates Week.

‘I am delighted to be here to celebrate Pirates Week and feel that the treasure hunt is a wonderful addition to the many activities planned. The treasure hunt is also great, as it identifies important events in Cayman history, and I am pleased that my knowledge of Caymanian history paid off,’ she said.

Digicel staff has also been caught up in the excitement of the treasure hunt: ‘Wherever we go for Pirates Week festivities, we are inundated with questions on the Digicel Pirates Week Treasure Hunt. It has really caught the people’s imagination and we are very pleased to contribute to the Pirates Week spirit. We congratulate Sharon on her prize and are impressed with her knowledge of local history. We are hoping to see many more winners in the week ahead,’ said Digicel Marketing Manager Tina Trumbach.

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