CI Corporate basketball

The league favorites First Caribbean defeated Walkers 54-30 in Corporate Basketball action. The walkers team seemed to not be in sync for their first game but are expected to improve based on their firepower such as Perry Levy and Andres Kirchman. Al Nixon made sure that his team (FCIB) was clicking on all cylinders by feeding his main finishers Lloyd Sammuels and Tyrone Chantilope.

Top scorers were:

FCIB; Lloyd Sammuels – 14 points and Tyrone ‘TC’ Chantilope with 11

Walkers; Andres Kirchman – 9 points.

Ernst and Young Defeated Close Brothers 49 – 24 in their season opener. Both teams are new to the league and are also expected to get stronger as time goes on. Top scorers for the game were:

E&Y; Andy Fried with 21 points and David O’Donnell with 8

Close Brothers: Eckerd McField poured in 15 points

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