Kareem Streete-Thompson is back

One month after undergoing major hip surgery by the world’s top arthroscopic hip surgeon, Dr. Marc Philippon, Kareem was back at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic and Howard Head Sports Medicine Center undergoing tests to determine his speed of recovery and short and long-term performance prospects.

On Wednesday he underwent a fitness test and today (Friday) they will take x-rays to ensure that the hip is healing properly and clear of any scar tissue or obstructions.

As he assessed Kareem’s range of motion, physiotherapist Mike Wahoff remarked, ‘Kareem is way ahead of the curve and literally on the fast track. His recovery post-surgery is among the best we have ever seen. He has very few limitations in his range of motion, and any remaining limitation will disappear as he continues to work on his flexibility and strength over the next few weeks.’

Immediately afterwards, Kareem was tested for strength levels. What Mr. Wahoff saw was incredible. His strength level just one month post-surgery is already higher now than pre-surgery.

As a result of the fitness test, Kareem will be given the green light to begin jogging and light running immediately, and providing he continues with a rigorous training program, Mr. Wahoff predicts that Kareem will be able to race at world-class levels by the end of the year.

Kareem is currently working on securing the necessary sponsorship funding to allow him to undergo the next phase of recovery and achieve world-class form. As he was able to secure the services of the world’s top surgeon, he is planning to undergo extensive hydrotherapy training with the top hydro-therapist that would allow him to attain higher strength and flexibility levels than he has ever been able to achieve over the past several years. With his newly repaired hip, the hydrotherapy conditioning, and based on his recent past performances running with only one good leg, the sports specialists feel Kareem has the ability to be better than ever, and a legitimate World Top 10 sprinter.

At the conclusion of the fitness test, Mr. Wahoff commented, ‘Providing he is able to get the necessary conditioning over the next few weeks, participation and success in the Commonwealth Games and beyond is no longer a surgical issue – it is a Kareem issue.’

Kareem Streete-Thompson noted, ‘I again wish to thank the Ministry of Sports and the people of Cayman for their financial and spiritual support over these past few months. I know that many people wondered if I was past my prime, but if anything, I will be pain free and in better form in 2006 through 2008 than I was several years ago.

‘I therefore intend to deliver upon my competition goals in the major track & field competitions leading up to Beijing 2008 and beginning with the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in March, 2006.’

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