Make-up theft earns steep fine

The theft of mascara in 2002 caught up with a West Bay resident in 2005 when he was arrested for failing to answer a court summons.

Juan Carbo Rivers, 43, told the court through an interpreter that he took the two tubes of mascara for a friend in Cuba.

The offence occurred at Foster’s in The Strand on 31 December 2002.

According to the Crown’s summary of facts, Rivers was in the store with a woman and they both handled the mascara, but he was the one who carried it past the cashiers without paying.

He was arrested and charged.

A summons was left with his grandmother at his address on 12 July 2003, requiring him to come to court and answer the charge. He did not attend and the magistrate issued a warrant for him.

Last week Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale wondered what took police two-plus years to find Rivers. She asked if he had maintained the same address and he said yes.

Asked if he not receive the summons, he replied through the interpreter, ‘I was going and coming to Cuba. My grandmother is very old. Maybe she forgot.’

The magistrate dismissed the charge of failing to surrender.

She then commented that the mascara would have cost him $16 if he were an honest man. Now it would cost him $300 in a fine.

The magistrate directed that the fine be paid that day or Rivers would serve 30 days in lieu. She told him he would get a phone call.

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