Learning from the best

If you are a golfer, imagine a few hours at the driving range with Tiger Woods or Colin Montgomerie. Football your game? Imagine kicking a few with Ronaldo and Beckham.

Brian Myers

Houston, we have liftoff. Caymanian Brian Myers, 14, grabs air during a session with visiting US pros at the Black Pearl Skate Park. Photo: Guy P. Harrison

That’s the dream scenario some 20 young skateboarders are enjoying this week at the Black Pearl Skate Park in Grand Harbour.

The park’s week-long after-school skateboard camp is highlighted by the presence of US pros Danny Montoya and Steve Nesser. The laid back tone of the sessions are perfectly suited for the local skaters who seem to be as energized by just rolling with the pros as they are about picking up new tricks and improving their technique.

‘Being around these guys motivates me to be better,’ said Brian Myers, a 14 year-old Cayman Prep and High School student who is already an outstanding skater.

‘There is no reason that some skaters from here can’t become pros,’ said Nesser. ‘This park is great. Most kids in America don’t have a place like this to skate.’

Kathy Miller, manager of the Black Pearl Skate Park, is pleased to see the after-school camp work so well.

‘This is a great opportunity for our skaters to get quality time with pros,’ she said. ‘It’s a wonderful way to learn and improve. We will be doing more things like this in the future.’

Two more professional skateboarders are slated to appear at the park in the coming weeks. Dayne Brummet is due at the end of this month and Josh Evin is scheduled to help light up the Grand Harbour Festival set for December 3rd.

Skaters can still get into the action with the pros Thursday and Friday, 3:30pm-5:30pm. Individual day sessions are $50.