A call to all Caymanians

I have read with interest the article in the Daily-Record, ‘Love-rat Cop snaps up top job in Caymans’ and found the new chiefs casual explanation on Radio Cayman’s 6pm news even more interesting and most disconcerting.

I noticed there was no denial of these allegations by the new chief.

There are many questions that come to mind about the recruiting process headed by the former Governor; however those shortcomings will not address the current situation.

The major question now in my mind is, when is the new chief leaving the island, either by resigning or having his contract terminated.

As a concerned Caymanian, who is extremely concerned with the rising crime wave, I am sure the Government of the day, who was elected on a large anti-crime mandate, will not suffer us to endure a police chief that beds witnesses in murder trails or is investigated for sexual harassment.

If this man was only promoted to superintendent in 1998, where is his vast experience over the Caymanian applicants.

I am sure there are Caymanians who have been forced out of the RCIP for far less indiscretions; even some of his fellow countrymen that held the exalted position of Chief have had to leave these shores.

I am also more than a little perturbed that he has brought so many of his compatriots with him and can only wonder how many of them are ‘GIBBS’ like given the lack of scrutiny for the chief, these underlings probably only had to spell their name correctly on the application.

Caymanians, it is time to rise up and speak out on these matters and insist that Caymanians be put back in charge.

I invite your newspaper to reprint this article from the Daily-Record, as a public service to all Caymanians who should have this knowledge. I withhold my name for fear of persecution.

Name withheld by request

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