Discrimination in paradise

My letter to you is to voice my concerns regarding the growing issue of the obvious and blatant discrimination toward all Jamaicans residing and working in the Cayman Islands.

The issue of discrimination, as every Jamaican here knows or has been witness to, has been a longstanding one.

Since our Prime Minister’s visit here, where he spoke on the visa issue, there has been a daily and deep-seated attack on the Prime Minister and the citizens of Jamaica.

As I read the letters to the editor I am beginning to realize that most Caymanians and the Jamaicans who emigrated here in the 196’s and 70s regard Jamaicans as helpers and gardeners; to be exact, labourers that will do the jobs that typical Caymanians would not.

We are in the 21st Century and I am appalled to think that there are still people (Caymanian and early Jamaican immigrants) who regard Jamaicans only as helpers, gardeners or indentured labourers who take care of their children for 30 years and are sent back home because they are too old to be of any good service.

What sort of quality of life are you providing for these people after 30 years in servitude?

Is there a pension scheme or some sort of light at the end of the rainbow? Or are you just taking advantage of the less advantaged Jamaicans?

It is clear that our Prime Minister’s visit has thoroughly upset this flawless Caymanian community; unleashing every Caymanians’ and Jamaican immigrants’ (60s and 70s) frustration and hatred toward Jamaican people.

Please put your cards on the table so the increasingly hostile and growing issue of discrimination and the many other issues that are blamed on other nationalities within the Cayman Islands can be sensibly dealt with.

Name withheld by request

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