Parties should be in harmony

After reading the front page of our local newspaper, the Caymanian Compass, on Thursday, 27 October where it stated ‘Bush: Visa issue causing disunity’ has spurred me to reply with the following.

Has he erased from his memory the most Undesirable Disastrous Plunge that he and his administration executed in the Cayman Islands history?

Does he need to be reminded that it was him and his administration that started disunity in this country? He seems to be more worried about disunity on the other side; what about the disunity that he and his administration caused us, his own people, when he sold us out by giving Status to so many that are overflowing us in a negative way today. (Undesirable Disastrous Plunge, could that be UDP?)

I think the party system, along with the betrayal of the Caymanian people, caused massive disunity in the Cayman Islands long ago and not the implementation of various countries having to get a visa to visit Cayman. We have to have a visa to travel to the USA and other countries, so what is wrong with other people having to get a visa to come to Cayman?

(Please those of you who deserved Caymanian status don’t get me wrong here; we love and appreciate you being here working hard to make the Cayman Islands a better place for all of us to live.)

LA debates

Also listening to the recent debates in the Legislative Assembly on all the national issues that are in dire straits in our beloved Cayman Islands particularly Grand Cayman, I have to say, for the Opposition to be in the honourable house as they call it, questioning, mumbling, and cross-talking while the present administration is making its speeches. This is very vexing and provoking for the public to listen to, and is in no way a positive example to the future leaders of these Isles.

The Opposition needs to admit it was wrong when it had the reins and was making all its grave decisions that lead to what we see happening in Cayman today.

Huge task

The PPM has a huge task and will have to make some hard decisions.

We have to stop this ship from sinking because of all the unjust and excess cargo that has been put on board due to the Undesirable Disastrous Plunge.

Crime in Cayman has never been to this level before in our history we don’t need any evidence to prove this. The evidence has been on display constantly ever since the historic granting of the Caymanian Status sell-out. Now we have to spend millions to combat crime, which in my opinion is a result of the above.

The Opposition must admit to the country that its decision to grant Caymanian Status to so many without background checks etc. was wrong. Then it will gain some respect from the people who voted them in and out.

Reality check: Do we realize Grand Cayman is only 76 square miles? How many more people, vehicles, roads, novice drivers, buildings, garbage dumps, gas stations, can we fit in one square mile and still enjoy a good quality of life in Cayman?

This reality check is for the UDP and PPM to look into and make amends.

What used to be paradise is not only the excessively inflated cost of living, but also people inflation, traffic inflation, more and more segregation, need turned into greed, our roads are congested to the max with careless and reckless drivers along with hazardous road designs and road rage, and our prime tourist area turned into a concrete jungle with massive seven story condos that block out the whole essence and beauty of our beautiful Seven Mile Beach, excess fuel burning traffic jams, and soon to be trapped pollution, also stinking sewers that make you hold your breath, and our tourist smelling the awful stench while eating at some restaurants with outdoor dining, also tourists trying to cross our SUV dominated roads with kids and a baby in a stroller and almost being run over by road rage and novice drivers,

Our prisons are full with our own people who have only committed petty offences like smoking a spliff now sitting in Northward prison costing us thousands to relax 24-7-365 days a year, while their lives and family are adrift, then to make matters even worse in some cases Social Services are taking up the burden of the prisoners’ families while they do their time. Does this help solve the problem or does it creates a bigger problem, and debt for government?

Both the Opposition and the present administration need to recognize and work together to plug the holes that are sinking this ship, and work in harmony to amend the critical national issues that are destroying the very essence of Caymanian life.

I will end my opinions here for any input from the UDP-PPM or the public at large.

And if you ask me after reading this letter do I have the solutions to all the problems mentioned above, I would say to you the solution is for each and every one of us to solve, because we are the ones who created the problems in the first place.

Maybe you are thinking that I am a PPM member/supporter well you are dead wrong, I am of my own perspective and what I write is my opinion, but in the same breath I want to say that I would support any group, party, or government that is honest and always puts the people and country first.

I write what I see, live and know.

Joseph (Lebbie) Yates

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