Fighter needs country’s support

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Charles Whittaker for yet another victory.

After reading the Tuesday, 25 October issue of the Caymanian Compass, I was disgusted to hear of him being refused assistance when he approached the Cayman Islands Government.

What a slap in the face to any athlete.

Charles is a promising, focused, victorious and ambitious born Caymanian trying to accomplish his dreams while representing his country.

But again we Caymanians are our worst enemies.

I was appalled to learn of our Government’s refusal to assist Charles financially with this fight. One young man voiced his concerns on Charles’ ability to win the fight due to his tiredness after having to prepare financially, ie seeking financial sponsors and physically organizing this even to make this fight possible. He even assisted with assembling the boxing ring in which he fought.

I speak not only with concern for this determined young Caymanian. But also to draw reference to this type of attitude that is demonstrated to our athletes by our Government.

When our athletes travel abroad to the US, that country sees their potential and is anxious to gobble them up and train them to represent their country.

Our local community will resort to saying ‘now that he’s made it big, he’s representing the USA.’

Does our Government leave them with a choice?

As a spectacular Saturday night, Charles’ fighting style was totally different than his first fight held here. He accredited his trainer Norman Wilson who he said ‘if he had been training him for the past 10 years he would be a millionaire and a world champion.’

To maintain such a wonderful trainer, the trainer has to be paid, plus Charles has to pay his bills just like us all. I he supposed to get a full time job? That would defeat the purpose of training to be a world champion. That would be impossible. He needs some support from Government.

Thanks to the sponsors that made it possible and the spectators who could invest in the price of the ticket to support Charles.

I know there would have been thousands once again to support him, but without proper funding, the admission price had to be raised from $30 to $50 and everyone could not afford it; although it was worth every penny.

Charles, keep up the great work. It will pay off in the long run and keep fighting like you did Saturday night. You have the potential to become a world champion.

Name withheld by request

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