Don’t honour pirates

I have lived in this beautiful land for almost 15 years and find it difficult to understand why a Christian nation celebrates pirates.

What did the pirates do for this country that is deserving of a whole week of celebrations and especially when it is connected to Heritage days?

The very evil that all pirates were known for, plunder, rape, stealing and even murder, seems to me to be enough evidence that these evil people should not be given a place of importance in the history, let along given honour by celebrating them and lifting up their lifestyle as something for our children and young people to follow.

Often the Church is accused of harbouring hypocrites in their ranks. But I see real hypocritical attitudes in this: on one had we arrest and put in jail those in the present who would plunder, or rape or murder, yet on the other hand, we lift up and celebrate those of the past who did them same things and even worse.

Why don’t we have real Heritage Days and have each district honour those who made an impact and let there be celebrations of the men and women who came to these Islands to instil principals, educate the children and establish and built a solid Christian heritage?

Oh, by the way, on the weekend you celebrate pirates, let there by amnesty for any who plunder, or rape or murder, for they are only celebrating the lifestyle of the pirates.

And along with that, let all in Northward Prison be set free because none of them is as bad as any of the pirates we honour.

Whey should they be imprisoned when the cutthroat pirates are your heroes?

John Case

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