Flames of discrimination fanned

It is with a heavy heart that I watch the obvious discrimination unfold against Jamaicans in such a vicious way since the visa issue has been introduced.

While I have no problem with the introduction of the use of visas to protect our borders, there is no reason to generalize Jamaicans as the cause for crime in our country.

We as well as the other nationalities have to shoulder some of the responsibility too.

I am a young successful Caymanian married to a young successful Jamaican and have started a family here.

How am I to explain to my child that our society places greater value on mommy over daddy simply because of where daddy was born?

If we were to take out the word Jamaican and put in the infamous ‘N’-word in some of these letters they would have quoted the bigots who fought against integration and the civil right movements in the 60s.

Some older folks seem to think that Cayman youth do not have a mind of their own, and are so easily swayed by Jamaican music and bad culture.

I love to listen to reggae, I love to go to Jamaican plays, I love experiencing my husbands heritage and want to share not only his but mine as well with our child.

That does not make my husband or me violent people who will raise a criminal.

What about the movies, music and video games and other media that come from places other than Jamaica?

It is biased to think that only things coming from Jamaica that influence our youths’ mentality. Even just watching the news on CNN is violent…are we to ban that too?

Sure we all want to surround ourselves with the best peoples… and you know what, some of the best people I know come from Jamaica.

Will we do this at the cost of basic common courtesy to those from a different culture?

The Jamaicans that make up our society whether they be ‘Paper Caymanians’ or work permit holders are not only unskilled workers such as ‘ domestic helpers, baby-sitters, gardeners’ and labourers. They are also some of the best in their professions as our educators, doctors, bankers, policemen, lawyers etc.

Even more so, they are our great grandparents, our grandparents, our parents, our sisters, our brothers and so on.

Cayman, where is the love for our neighbours and other people that we are known for? Is it not time for us to end the racism/discrimination that some in Cayman are displaying (yes I said it)?

It is the 21st Century and all people regardless of their background should be treated equally.

This is what I will instil in my child as this is her homeland too, full of diversity and hopefully tolerance.

So I beseech you, and you know who you are, please stop fanning the flames of discrimination.

Name withheld by request

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