Expat feels unwelcome

I am writing this letter in part to my frustration with the lack of regard and or respect that it seems apparent to me that some residents living here would have to expats.

I have three grown children who have chosen to make Cayman home. Cayman is home.

During Hurricane Ivan, even though they had the choice to leave Cayman or stay, they all chose to stay feeling like all of us would that home is worth saving.

They were fortunate in that they were held up in an area that suffered a great deal of damage but still tolerable, which gave them an opportunity to house several others during the wrath of Ivan.

I waited unable to help, unable to hear or see if my children were alive or dead for a couple of days (as did others) whether or not there was even an Island left, let alone life.

That in itself is a huge sacrifice and I am proud of my children for making the stand to protect their family, property, and friends.

I have yet to see any signs or words of gratification only animosity toward expats.

After the storm they shared all that they could – food, water, shelter. They rolled up their sleeves and once again even though they had several opportunities to leave, they began the slow process to rebuild their lives here and assisted in the rebuilding of Grand Cayman.

I go out in the community here and I rarely get a sense of appreciation, gratitude, peacefulness, happiness or serenity.

I feel constantly begrudged and that I am putting people out of their way when I require a service.

Service attendants rarely look at you or share pleasantries, often are put out by the interruption of a request and are forever shuffling their feet as though time was theirs and theirs alone.

I am Canadian and proud to be known as one of the most hospitable countries in the world and I do think that having a job and income is privilege not an expectation to be taken for granted.

Maybe more jobs here should be offered to those with willingness to country and to the employer some gratitude.

My children live here and I will continue to visit this little Heavens’ Paradise because I too am proud to hold a piece of Cayman in my soul.

I just wish it was more obvious to me that others felt as appreciative.

Lynn Leger, Canada

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