On the right track

With your recent survey about our confidence in the new police commissioner, I felt compelled to write.

I just read in the book Tipping Point. There is a section on New York City and how they dramatically cut major crime by enforcing the small crimes – using the ‘Broken Window’ philosophy. In very general terms, the idea is that if people live in an environment where there are broken windows or graffiti everywhere, the environment leads to crimes.

First they started with arresting small crimes such as not paying fares on the subway. To keep it short, as the city was cleaned of minor crimes, the confidence of the public grew and the environment discouraged the major crimes.

The philosophy from our new police leaders sounds similar – thankfully.

So the next time a reader gets upset about getting a speeding ticket, be thankful. That may be the first step in stopping the car jackings and guys in bullet proof vests.

Jeff Cummer

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