Jamaica bashing must stop

It seems to me that the latest sport in Cayman is Jamaica bashing.

One only has to listen to certain radio programmes in the mornings, or read letters to the press to realise that there is a wave of hatred, which only one politician has had the courage to try to dampen.

Each day the attacks continue, often encouraged by the moderator.

On a recent morning there was a man on a certain radio programme attacking from the Chief Justice and the Jamaican judges right down to the Jamaican on the street.

This is reminiscent of what the Jews in Nazi Germany faced in the 1930s and we can be thankful that because of the mild nature of the people of Cayman there will not be a holocaust.

Perhaps the only solution to the problem is for all Jamaicans to leave the Island.

The Caymanians would soon learn new trades and be able do all the tasks that the Jamaicans have been doing; failing this the cost of living will soar ever higher than it is at the moment as other aliens are brought in, the country will become bilingual, and sales in the supermarkets will rapidly decline. All that will be left of Jamaica in Cayman will be the music (if not banned) and the food.

With all the Jamaica bashing is it not strange that 90 per cent if not more of the burglary and robbery trials coming before the courts are of young Caymanians? It is widely known that when they go to commit a crime they speak in a loud Jamaican accent, which they have practiced, if not perfected.

This not only serves to put the police off the track, but also to put the blame on people who they are learning to despise.

Let’s hope and pray that some rationality will come into play and that both nationalities will be able to once more follow the scriptures and love their neighbours.

Name withheld by request

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