Airlines monitor Jamaica routes

Although it is too early to tell whether the imposition of the visa policy for Jamaican visitors to Cayman is affecting flights, airlines are monitoring the situation.

Director of Communications for Air Jamaica, Sandrea Falconer said it is a little early to tell yet whether the new visa policy will have an impact on flights on the Cayman-Jamaica routes.

‘Since November 1 we’ve seen some reduction in passengers, but it’s a little early to tell what the long-term affects of this will be,’ she said.

While the airline has seen some fall off in passengers, analysis of passenger data would need to be done to determine to what extent, she said.

In the meantime Cayman Airways Ltd. is monitoring the situation, but has so far seen no major fall off on numbers on flights to and from Jamaica for this time of year.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cayman Airways, Richard Blake explained that this is off season for Jamaica flights, but flights on the route are heavily booked for the Christmas holidays and if the Jamaican visas were to have an affect on travel, this is when it would probably become apparent, he said.

‘We’re monitoring the situation and there has been a cancellation here and there, but nothing of biblical proportions,’ he said.

The imposition of the visa policy for Jamaican nationals visiting the Cayman Islands came into effect 1 November.

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