More surgery for Zoe

Zoe Solomon, the four-year-old girl suffering from a ventricle tumour, is off to Miami with her mother, Alice, 26 November, for surgery to move her pacemaker from her abdomen to her chest.

The little girl, who has already undergone seven surgeries since her diagnosis at 16 months old, is scheduled to be operated on 28 November at Miami Children’s Hospital.

Zoe will eventually need a heart transplant, explained Mrs. Solomon, and has just finished her chemotherapy.

‘As a mom, I’m not excited about Zoe having another surgery, but I’m still thankful that there’s a surgery out there that can help because the pacemaker is uncomfortable.

‘Zoe has been complaining because it bulges out and can cause her pain,’ Mrs. Solomon explained.

Mother and daughter will be spending almost three weeks in Miami, which includes recovery time after the surgery.

Mrs. Solomon is not sure insurance will cover all the medical expenses, and also needs help with airfare and accommodation while in Miami.

‘What Zoe is going through is a long-term treatment and I would like to thank all the people of the Cayman Islands for their support over the last three years,’ Mrs. Solomon added.

Anyone who can help may contact Alice Solomon at 939-8270. For donations, Cayman National Bank has set up CI$ account 012-25878 under the name Zoe Solomon.

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