JA leadership needs to step up

I agree with Pastor Blair’s suggestion that there should be an amnesty for over-stayers. I also agree with the contents of your editorial as clearly an illegal immigrant in hiding is not going to give up his or her sanctuary in order to face severe punishment.

There should be a 30-day amnesty followed by severe, well-publicised penalties for those who fail to take advantage of the amnesty.

What does cause division is inviting the Prime Minister of arguably one of the world’s most violent, corrupt and dysfunctional societies to lecture to the jewel of the Caribbean on how to run its affairs.

Senior members of the Jamaican community cannot continue to defend the indefensible. Instead of making comments such as ‘there are only 30 Jamaicans in prison here’, the Jamaican Consul should express some acknowledgement that his people are causing stress to this community, remembering that many like him escaped from Jamaica whilst their leaders made excuses. We would express at least some sense of shame if even one Caymanian was in a foreign prison.

Why would the Jamaican leadership of this country not do something as simple as taking out a full-page ad to remind their fellow countrymen that we are all guests in this blessed land and our behaviour should recognise that we are in a society governed by the laws of civil behaviour.

Simply put, this means you don’t barge to the front of a line, you don’t drive as if there is no other traffic on the road, you don’t shout and carry on like a mad man in public places and, if you have children without the inconvenience of marriage, you make an effort to support and nurture your child.

Plain speaking in public is uncomfortable as its intent to target the few invariably offends the majority.

You cannot stick a Caymanian label on every Jamaican import and pretend it’s not Jamaican. Clearly, it is time for all of those law-abiding worthy Jamaican citizens of this country to stop making excuses and take a stand against those who besmirch their good name.

We will, as an ordered community, overcome this unsavoury period in our history but only if every sector of the community participates in the remedy.

Name withheld by request

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