Stop crucifying ‘Top Cop’

Let’s give peace a chance. I wish to refer to headlines of the Net News, Wednesday 9 November titled ‘More Questions about Top Cop’.

I would like to say that none of us are perfect. So those who are without sin, cast the fist stone. We all have sinned and come short.

But there are some people who just will not let old habits die.

Someone had a very no good reason for being on the trail of Stuart Kernohan, the newly appointed Commissioner of Police, and it is more than told on the front page of the press.

I am a spokesperson and best of all there is not a hypocritical bone in my body – I am not going to smile on the right side and be deceitful on the left side of my face.

The fact remains that we do need a commissioner. Prior to Mr. Kernoham we had a Caymanian who served in that role.

I have known that Cayman could not have found a better man. Mr. Rolfy – as I call him – is a remarkable man. He was too good for that position and that is why he chose to leave it.

I am going to give my honest opinion about choosing a new commissioner who is not from the Island or the territory – that is the best decision made by the governor.

What happens here is that everybody is family, even those who are not family still feel that way. Because of that it sometimes becomes difficult to do your job. We all have skeletons in our closets. So for Pete’s sake let the man get on with his job, and stop the witch hunt.

We all have a hand in crucifying Christ and he was the Son of God.

We need to stop the grave digging on Top Cop. He may turn out to be just what we need.

There is a lot of dirty laundry being washed in certain places, and maybe someone is afraid that the Top Cop will air them out to dry. I have not met Top Cop but I say let us give the man a chance. It might well surprise us to find out who is involved in drug, counterfeit money, lottery, silent rapes, extortion and the beat goes on.

Someone is scared Top Cop will leave no stones unturned. Life is too short to spend it hating each other.

Twyla Vargas

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