Poor need priority

On a recent Sunday I was driving to Cayman Kai with Christiane and Joshua and we decided when we reached the turn-off to Pedro St. James to follow that direction. When we arrived at the castle, I was very surprise to see the conditions of the grounds and buildings.

Of course, the place is closed to the public and we could not gain access even if we wanted to; therefore, my report is from the outside.

I said to my wife, ‘just look at the condition of the place, Christiane. Can you imagine that Caymanian people would be upset with my housing project, where people can at least live and raise their families. There is no one living at Pedro St. James – at least I don’t think so.’

Christiane was quick to add, ‘And there is no one working here either.’

I heard that they have separated Community Development from Housing. Well, if you move the head from the body, what do you get? They predicted slums long ago. People get what they imagine for themselves.

When I wrote ‘time longer dan rope’, I was not under the impression that the majority of Caymanians would listen to my dreams for this country. And no one should be under the illusion that because I was elected, I forgot all I know about us.

They now have people in charge of the housing project that are well experienced in business – in the business of making the poor poorer. The chairman was the team member of one man that spent many millions of your money on Pedro St. James. Millions! Do people live or work at Pedro?

If the people of George Town love CUC so much and truly think that people who practice the profit-motive all their life will assist with the development of housing that will make the poor better off in this life, then thanks for letting me realize that it’s better to have time for myself and my family than to be chasing windmills.

Dr. Frank McField

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