Criticism unwarranted

I would like to voice my opinion on the recent spread of ‘news’ about our new Commissioner of Police.

In reading the various articles in the newspaper on his appointment, it appears that Mr. Kernohan was hired on his success record as a law enforcement officer, having vast knowledge and experience in fighting all aspects of crime in other jurisdictions much larger than the Cayman Islands.

We, as the residents of these Islands, need to give our law enforcement department all the support we can in order for them to combat the increase in crime that we have all witnessed over the past months.

It is really sad that Mr. Kernohan is being judged and ridiculed by many individuals on this Island who have – and continue to live – similar lives. We have all made mistakes in the past and unless Mr. Kernohan’s past prevents him from doing the job he was hired to do, it is really none of our business.

After all, we hired him as our Commissioner of Police – not a marriage counsellor.

Patricia Glasgow

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