Today’s Editorial, 23 November: We can give thanks too

Today Americans throughout the United States have taken the day off to spend it with family and friends in sombre thanksgiving.

The smells of roasting turkeys, baking pumpkin pies and homemade fresh bed are filling the homes of many.

At some point those celebrating Thanksgiving Day will sit down at their dining tables and bow their heads in praise and thankfulness.

Just as our neighbours to the north have much to give thanks for this year, so do we in the Cayman Islands.

Life has pretty much returned to normal for most of us as we have recovered from Hurricane Ivan, which dealt its dreadful blow in September 2004.

We held our collective breaths a few times this year as menacing hurricanes threatened to come our way.

Hurricane Wilma brought us the most damage this year, even though it was more than 100 miles away.

And that damage came after the storm had passed as energy from the massive storm caused seas to smash in to businesses and residences.

Hurricane season officially ends is six days and we can be thankful the Cayman Islands were spared this year.

Lord knows we went through enough in 2004.

We can be thankful for our clean water, fresh air, the return of greenery to our trees and shrubs, the blue skies and a wonderful sea to dip and dive in.

We can also be thankful to the Ministry and Department of Tourism as well as the private sector for doing all they can to bring tourists back to our country.

Those of us who were here during and right after Ivan know how quiet and desolate downtown was when tourists weren’t allowed back into the country for obvious safety reasons.

As much as we complain sometimes about the congestion of downtown when tourist ships are in, we all were happy to see those ships return last November, bringing in fresh new faces and an infusion of much-needed cash.

We can be thankful that our financial sector successfully rebounded and those institutions decided to keep their business here in the Cayman Islands.

Above all we can be thankful for life and for our fellow man.

While this isn’t an official day of thanksgiving in the Cayman Islands, we can all take a moment to let someone know how much they are appreciated and we can each individually give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

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