CIAA looks at five-year plan

Establishing the foundation for a five-year strategic plan was the focus of a recent three-day workshop for senior managers of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority.

‘Our goal is for Owen Roberts International Airport to be the best small destination airport in the region,’ CIAA Chief Executive Officer David Frederick said in a press release.

‘To make that happen, we must have all our staff on board from the earliest stages of our strategic planning, as our plan incorporates the physical enhancement of the airport as well as the development of human resources, which together are essential in order to achieve our goals.’

Leading the discussions was Dr. Stephen Haines, founder and CEO of Haines Centre International, including Systems Thinking Press based in San Diego, California. He is considered the world’s foremost authority, leader and speaker in The Systems Thinking Approach TM to the field of Strategic Management, the release said.

Commenting on the benefits gained under Mr. Haines’ direction, Mr. Frederick added: ‘We are very pleased with the results of these sessions. The response and feedback from the management team was tremendous and I truly feel that we have all gained invaluable strategic management skills which, in addition to being an advantage to the organization, will also benefit each individual participant.

‘Mr. Haines expertly guided us through the first stages of creating a high performance, customer-focused organization to take us through the 21st century and beyond.’

Speaking to the next steps for the CIAA, Mr. Frederick said, ‘We are all excited about the challenges facing our new organization as we are about to embark on a major terminal expansion project.

‘This will be the largest airport development that the country has ever undertaken. We feel that the completion of this project will not only offer our customers an enjoyable experience when using our new facility but will also contribute to the economic growth of our country.’

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