Complaints office logs 84 inquiries

The Office of the Complaints Commissioner has released statistics of work done during the period of July 1 to September 30, 2005.

The Office received 84 inquiries and provided advice and answers to all concerned, said a press release from the Office.

The Office completed 23 investigations based on written complaints made by residents. Some of those investigations had been commenced in the last fiscal year, the release said.

Investigations were continued on another 35 written complaints.

With respect to investigations conducted in the public interest on the motion of the Commissioner, the office completed two reports. As these reports have not been tabled in the Legislative Assembly they are not available to the public.

One Special Report stating that evidence of a breach of duty or criminal conduct had been uncovered was submitted to the Legislative Assembly. The report has not been tabled in the Legislative Assembly and therefore is not available to the public.

The Office also monitored 13 recommendations that were made as the result of various investigations. Progress towards compliance with the recommendations was observed by the Commissioner.

The first annual report of the Office of Complaints Commissioner was written in draft form during September and it will be released next month.

Analysts based in Grand Cayman opened the sub-office on Cayman Brac one day each month as scheduled. All residents of the Brac who wished to meet with an Analyst were accommodated, the release said.

Analyst Scott Swing provided training to civil servants on the role and function of the Office of the Complaints Commissioner. The training sessions took place on Grand Cayman and on Cayman Brac.

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