Disaster relief cooperation beefed up

The level of coordination between the UK and Overseas Territories on natural disaster relief is being stepped up, according to a GIS press release.

As evidence of that, Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO) law enforcement officer Larry Covington recently flew into Grand Cayman, as a representative of the FCO’s Rapid Response Team, to be on standby as Hurricane Emily passed, said the release.

The subject of increased UK and OT cooperation was raised by Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts at a recent meeting of the Overseas Territories Consultative Council in London, said the press release.

At the meeting it was indicated that, amongst other things, a member of the Department for International Development’s operation’s team will be stationed in the Caribbean during the hurricane season.

The meeting heard that a memorandum of understanding had been agreed among OT police forces to enable prompt dispatch of additional officers to maintain security after an emergency, said the release.

It was also indicated that the UK was seeking to improve gaps in communication between Cayman and the UK.

The various disaster response measures were pointed to as examples of this, said the release.

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