More pros drop in at Black Pearl Skate Park

Skateboard professional Dayne Brummet is sharing his wealth of knowledge with Caymanians this week at the Black Pearl Skate Park (Grand Harbour, Grand Cayman). He is the latest pro to drop in as part of the Black Pearl’s effort to raise the level of local skating.

The Grand Harbour Arts Festival is set for this Saturday. There will be a Pro Skater demo at the Black Pearl during this festival from 4-4:30pm, and an autograph signing with pros Brummet and Josh Evin from 4:30pm-5:15pm.

There will also be exhibition performances in the Black Pearl’s Wave Pool at 1:30 and 3:30 pm.

Profiles of the pro skaters to perform this Saturday.

Josh Evin

Born in Nelson, B.C., and currently residing in Vancouver, B.C., Professional Skateboarder, Josh Evin, is carving a name for himself in the competitive world of skateboarding. Citing John Cardiel, Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist as some of his favorite skateboarders, it is no surprise that Josh’s style leans towards the latter 3 Pros.

Skating since 1988, Josh’s favorite terrain to skate is transition, and his preferred bag of tricks include anything done with mass speed, big ollies, and lots of air. His determination and go big or go home attitude has garnered the attention of skateboarding’s top companies: Bones Bearings, Premium Skateboards, Emerica Shoes, Krew, West 49 Skate Shop and Independent Trucks.

Nicknamed the ‘Black Russian’, Josh has taken a creative turn in skateboarding and recently launched the line of Black Russian clothing, and toured Canada with the Black Russian team this past summer.

In the midst of world tours that included recent stops throughout the USA, China and Europe, Josh stays motivated by plenty of punk and reggae music. Healthy eating and living has helped him push through a busy schedule, and a love for skateboarding has kept him active and well known in skateboarding’s various contest series.

Josh’s most recent feat is placing in an overall ranking of 12th place in the 2005 Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour. 2005 sees Josh sitting in 30th position with the overall World Street Rankings in skateboardings most prestiged contest series, World Cup SK8. Previous accomplishments include 2nd place in the 2004 ASA Action Sports tour, and a Bronze Medalist in the 2001 X Games Street Contest.

Dayne Brummet

2005 has been an incredible year in skateboarding for Illinois born and bred Professional Skateboarder, Dayne Brummet. Sitting in impressive 7th place overall finish for this year’s Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour and an overall finish of 14th place in the World Cup of Skateboarding Street rankings, Dayne has only begun to leave his mark in the competitive world of skateboarding. Having been an avid skateboarder for 14 years, Dayne’s talents have earned him sponsorship from Bones Swiss Bearings, Premium Skateboards, Power Skate Shoes, Random Hardware and Willy’s Workshop.

When not involved in the hectic schedule of being a Pro Skater, Dayne enjoys spending his days with his wife, traveling, fishing, and shooting photos.

His favorite music is reggae, old punk and rock and roll.

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