NS police station almost ready

One of the highlights of the police meeting in North Side on Wednesday night came after the meeting was over.

Inspector Donald Watler, who is in charge of the Eastern Districts, invited district MLA Edna Moyle and other interested residents to tour the North Side police station.

Several people accepted the invitation and saw for themselves the renovation that has taken place. Mr. Watler explained that, in repairing damage from Hurricane Ivan last year, workers had found that roof beams were practically gone because of wood lice.

Now, however, the station was rebuilt and beautiful, needing only kitchen cabinets to make it fully usable. Mr. Watler expected work to finish this month.

The building includes two bedrooms and bath, kitchen and living room, an office with a cell and interview room.

Mrs. Moyle, who has been most vocal over the years in calling for increased police presence in North Side, reminded officer of other ongoing problems.

Mr. Watler responded to several. He said the request for speed bumps had been forwarded, but Public Works has a backlog. He promised to keep on it. Repeater signs posting speed limits have been put in as requested.

Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said the police are absolutely committed to road safety and traffic problems are the number one priority for a lot of people. He spoke of the need to educate drivers, the possibility of using remote enforcement technology and ‘the physical things you can put on a road to make people slow down.’

Mr. Kernohan also responded to Mrs. Moyle’s complaint that the district community officer had left, but no one knew about it. He said removing the officer and not telling people was not acceptable and there was no excuse for it. He guaranteed it would not happen again.

The dozen or so residents who attended the meeting at the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre raised other concerns as well.

These included confidentiality of information given to police, problems with jet skis, and a plea for help in dealing with people who trespass on the grounds of private homes in the Cayman Kai/Rum Point area.

On the last point, Mr. Kernohan suggested a private meeting with the property manager concerned.

Other officers present included Sgt. Brad Ebanks from the Drug Squad and officers assigned to North Side, Constables Bahadur and Clarke.

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