McKeeva slams spending plan

Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush called the capital spending plan announced by Government last week unsustainable and said future generations of Caymanians would suffer as a result.

Last week, the Government announced in its Strategic Policy Statement that it planned to spend $235.6 million in capital projects over the next four years, during which time it would borrow $182 million.

The capital projects would mainly include three new schools, new Government buildings, road works and equipment for police, the Government said.

Mr. Bush said Government was on the wrong track.

‘We don’t have the revue base for this many projects,’ he said.

‘They say they’re going to borrow the money, but you get to a point where you’re borrowed out.

‘The Government will get their agenda, but leave the country in big debt. Future generations are going to have to pay for this.’

The Government also announced last week it would have to implement $25 million of new revenue measures next year, and another $3 million the following year, although it did not specify what the measures would be.

‘That detail will be presented in the budget when it is presented next April,’ Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said.

Mr. Bush said that while revenue measures had been presented in the past without much warning, he does not think it the right way to go about it.

‘It is much better, I think, to tell the people what you’re going to do so everyone knows what to expect,’ he said.

Mr. Bush also commented on what he sees as an effort by the current Government to reduce the number of expatriate workers in Cayman.

‘We know in Cayman that this country has been developed to this standard of living because we brought people here,’ he said. ‘If we don’t have these people, the standard of living is going to have to drop… and Caymanians are going to be the ones that suffer.’

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