Sinterklaas real Dutch treat

Students attending Montessori by the Sea were paid an early visit not by Santa Claus but Sinterklaas on Monday.

Sinterklaas, also known as Saint Nicolas, arrives in Holland from Spain a few days before 5 December on the eve of his birthday to bring gifts such as candies, cookies and chocolate to children who have been good.

Entertaining the Dutch Christmas tradition, students in anticipation of Sinterklaas’ arrival placed Dutch clogs (shoes) filled with carrots on the school steps for Sinterklaas’ horse.

It is said that Sinterklaas always rides a white horse called Americo and when he arrives children do something special for him.

At the school Sinterklaas looked through his big book where all the details about the children could be found and left presents for everyone.

After he was finished with his delivers he made his way back to Spain until next year.

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