Staff shows commitment

Some 17 members of Cable & Wireless’ staff have completed and passed the A+ entry-level qualification for PC service technicians and IT professionals.

The staff members, from a number of business divisions, completed the course over a 10 week period.

The technicians and service staff undertook the training course as part of C&W’s commitment to continued training and development of staff, states a press release.

With changes in the telecommunications environment, customers’ equipment, such as switchboard machines, is increasingly becoming more complex and computerized. This training will help C&W’s service technicians to be able to offer support and servicing for these devices.

The staff members who successfully completed the course were Wardley Conolly, Curley Evans, Roy Smith, Delford Solomon, Miguel Smith, Anthony Fredrick, Ronnie Rankine, Errol Scott, Armando Ebanks , Brian Hydes and Damien Dacosta from Business Services; Chris Oakley. Joshua Foster, Neil Sambula, Dwight Ebanks from Residential Services; Neil Prendergast from Broadband and Twayne Foster from Cayman Brac.

‘Cable & Wireless is committed to building a foundation of knowledge and skills that enables our staff to provide the full range of services required by our customers. As technology evolves, our commitment to staff training ensures our technicians and support staff are kept up to date with all the latest developments,’ commented Sue Buckeridge, C&W’s training manager.

Softech Computers Ltd, a local company offering computer sales, support and training, provided the A+ training course. The course covers both hardware and software. The successful employees can now troubleshoot computers; install remove and upgrade computer hardware and support a number of operating systems including Windows9x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

‘The course was very interesting,’ commented Chris Oakley at Cable & Wireless. I am already finding ways to use the new skills I gained during training to deliver a higher level of service to our customers.’

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