Liquor Board grants later Friday openings

Club Inferno in West Bay has been granted permission to operate until 2am on Fridays only following the most recent meeting of the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

At the meeting, which was held on Thursday 1 December at Customs Headquarters, the Board heard that the application, made by Carlton McDoom and Tyrone Leslie, was a request from patrons. They had also applied for permission for the sale of alcoholic beverages and the playing of music until 2am on public holidays, which was not granted.

Presiding over the meeting was Chairman Mitchell Welds with Deputy Chairperson Lynn Bodden-Smatt, Board member Bernice Richards and Secretary Marva Scott-Dunbar.

Permission for the sale of alcoholic beverages and playing of music until 2am on Fridays only was approved for Mr. James Wood of Globe Nightclub, Shedden Road, George Town.

Mr. Wood said he had been in business for 25 years in that area of George Town and he now faces competition as he is surrounded by bars staying open to 2am on Fridays. In response to questioning from Chairman Mr. Welds, he said there is security on the premises and there is never any trouble on Friday nights.

Hammerheads on North Church Street, was granted permission for steel bands during the day and live music after 10pm in the evenings. It was also granted extension of the licensed premises to include a lower deck. Mr. Nelson Dilbert explained that, because it is increasing its bathroom facilities, they would need additional space on the lower deck to accommodate seating.

With regard to a request to remove special conditions placed on a Music and Dancing Licence to allow live music, Mr. Dilbert said there had been an objection from a neighbour previously, but they now have a verbal agreement with him that they will not cause a nuisance. Mr. Dilbert has a Degree in Audio Engineering and can rectify any problem with sound that occurs. The neighbour had not objected to this application. He also said he would like to accommodate the playing of steel bands during the day as a tourist attraction.

An application for a change of location of a Package Liquor Licence to Mitzi’s Building, West Bay Road by Troy Whittaker of Eastern Avenue Liquors was deferred. The applicant was not present.

An application by Mr. Lloyd Samson of Club Octopus resulted in the following permitted hours of business: 9am to 1am Monday to Thursday; 9am to 2am, Friday; 9am to midnight, Saturday; 1pm to midnight, Sunday.

Mr. Samson had applied for the hours of 10am to 2am Monday to Friday. He said he was not asking for longer opening hours than anyone else, just a different configuration of hours. He said the bar was to cease operations as a nightclub and operate as a normal bar/lounge and attract a whole different clientele. This would address some of the previous concerns because instead of vast numbers of people being on the premises at any one time, there would be a more steady flow of people and a more mature crowd.

The objection against the continuance of licenses for Club Octopus was not heard as the objector was not present and there were no police reports at the meeting.

The review of the probation period for Club Octopus was deferred. Mr. Samson said security in the parking lot was improved, closed circuit TVs had been added, and additional lighting would be installed as would additional insulating foam in the building. Amplifiers had been adapted so the noise could not be played beyond a certain level.

An application by Prentice and Stanley Panton for Liquor 4 Less on Shedden Road to open from 10am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday, was refused.

Mr. Stanley Panton said it was their fourth attempt at requesting these opening hours. There had been no objections to any of these applications. At the last meeting they were granted a licence from 10am to 7pm. He said customers are requesting that the store open until 10pm. If it was not granted he would apply again and get a petition signed to present to the Board if it came to that.

An application by Mr. Peter Ribbons for a change of licensee of Retail and Restaurant Liquor Licences and a Music and Dancing Licence for Eats Crocodile Rock Café and Legendz Bar, West Bay Road to Mr. John Bradley Alexander was approved.

An application by Robert Bodden for a change of location of a Retail Liquor Licence and Music and Dancing Licence for Typhoon Japanese Restaurant, Merren’s Plaza, was withdrawn.

The probation period for Sammy’s Airport Inn was extended until March 2006.

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