Cult may be grave thiefs

A prominent Jamaican doctor believes there may be a group of persons with links to a cult operating in the Vere Plains of southern Clarendon, who are responsible for a number of incidents involving the desecration of graves in the Denbigh cemetery in May Pen.

The latest incident involved Caroline Graham, a now-deceased 73-year-old returned resident, whose grave was tampered with earlier this week, reports the Jamaica Gleaner.

However, the police are clueless as to the identity of the perpetrators.

Odaine Mulgrave, liaison officer for the Constabulary Communication Network, confirmed that there had been three grave-robbing incidents in the parish since the start of the year. He, however, dismissed rumours that the incidents had involved the bizarre practice of necrophilia (sex with the dead).

“No one had sex with the body, but I can confirm that this lady’s right-hand glove was taken,” Mr. Mulgrave said. “We are not sure at this time if any possessions were taken the first two times – the last one was in August – but we are looking into the matter.”

However, the doctor employed to the Ministry of Health in May Pen, who spoke with The Gleaner on condition of anonymity, said he was aware of the odd practice.

“What the persons from the cult are practising is called necromancy, which is a Haitian form of voodoo,” he said. “It is my understanding that the practice is mostly done in the Vere plains. I became aware of the practice two years ago when I came to Jamaica and spoke to a female Haitian who I was treating for a cut, who disclosed that she was brought to the parish from Haiti to participate in these ceremonies.”

He said one part of the ceremony involved burying animals alive.

“These persons who participate in that sort of act, having sex with the dead, and burying the animals, are usually persons involved in wrongdoing,” he said.

“These persons believe that as the dead is silent, and because the animals are silent, so will any information surrounding their activity be silent as well.”

In the meantime, Ms. Graham’s relatives are puzzled as to the motive behind the desecration of the grave.

“It is a real shock to us,” her niece said. “Whoever did that cannot be of a sound mind. At first, I thought they wanted to steal the casket, but that did not happen … They took her glove, but why, we don’t know.”

Pastor Joseph Rose of the Assemblies of the First Born Church in Decoy, Clarendon, believes that prayer may be the best way to conquer the cult.

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