A cartoon Christmas

Mickey Mouse and friends greeted children and handed out stuffed toys as the St Ignatius High School band played Christmas music at Cayman Islands Hospital Tuesday, 6 December.

Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale parade through the hospital entrance.

The characters and volunteers from Disney Cruise Line also visited children in the hospital’s paediatric ward.

Caswell Walford, public relations officer at the Health Services Authority, and paediatric nurse manager Gill Barlow coordinated the event at the hospital in conjunction with the Department of Tourism.

‘Gill Barlow thought to invite paediatric patients from the last five years to the event. It worked very, very well. Everyone loved it. We look forward to doing it again next year,’ Mr. Walford said.

He added that there will be other things planned for next year’s event that will make it more meaningful for the children.

‘It’s our time to reach out to the community, and to say thank you to all the people who utilised our services throughout the year,’ Mr. Walford said.

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