Dollar shouldn’t cloud priorities

I write to declare my wholehearted support of the eloquently expressed views by Dave Martins in his letter ‘Sometimes we must take our eyes off the dollar.’

His views exposed the deeper side to Mr. Martins who is an already established icon in entertainment circles. Many people – my wise barber, for one – share his sentiments but lack the literary ability to express them in the clear and logical manner as he did.

Mr. Martins exhorts ‘all who enjoy a satisfactory life here to take care that we do not begin to chip away at the conditions of life in this country that have made it attractive…’

My barber disagrees. He thinks that that the feared chipping away has already started and that the attractiveness, quality of life conditions and many of the other factors which serve to be the magnet pulling people to this ‘small piece of red mould’ are currently being eroded at an alarming pace.

One example – consider the time it takes you to drive from home to work today compared to say just two years ago. Consider also the related alarming viciousness of road rage incidents and the plummeting levels of road courtesy.

This whole spiral is allowed by the existing free enterprise environment, condoned by the entrepreneurial spirit and aided by the lure of the dollar and general aping of the North American lifestyle. All good in context but thought must be given to the size of this island and just how much uncontrolled freedoms can be allowed before the attractiveness of Cayman – which all are so justly proud – disappears.

It is encouraging that the Government has taken the stand it has on the New Year’s issue. It shows that they are listening to the electorate and not only to the vocal elements of the private sector many of which are interested in only what they can make in one event – all short term.

It is refreshing to see Mr. Martin’s views in print. They inspired me to make my own comments as well as to pass on those of my barber. I trust that it will also encourage you to add your support as well.

We really do have to at times ‘step back from the trees to see the forest.’

Lee Maragh

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