New visa rules on track

Very recently the reason given by the Cayman Islands Government for not exempting US, UK and Canadian visas holders was that Cayman authorities were worried Jamaicans could falsify such documents.

This reason has clearly upset a lot of people but the Cayman Islands Government is quite right to do such a thing because documents are being falsified and can be bought in Jamaica.

Not only documents for travelling but for a driving licence, qualification, birth certificates and marriage certificate – all helpful in gaining access to the Cayman Islands or for purporting to be spouses and children to private and especially Government workers in order to remain in the Cayman Islands.

We all know there are newly married couples living apart and only living a lie for their own benefit and undermining the laws and integrity of the Cayman Islands.

This sort of thing is also criminal in my book and should be dealt with like any common thief. It’s an act of dishonesty and there are people who know who they are, that’s dishonest as well.

Well done Government. Do not let big Jamaica scare little Cayman in conceding the visa rules but let’s see more proper checks being done across the board.

Dale Fogis

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